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Running and simple, healthy, nutrient dense food are my two passions. Lately the three key things I'm doing with my nutrition are 1. having a meat and nut breakfast 2. limiting carbs to post-workout and 3. limiting my sugar intake (which is mainly fructose). It's evened out my blood sugar and energy levels, and has prevented carb and sugar cravings, which means I can happily eat veggies and protein for most of the day. My diet's not perfect, it's a constant work in progress. These are my recipes - I hope you'll find some you enjoy too. Lauren xx

Strawberry, bean, feta and mint salad

I am loving the start of summer. Every plant in the garden has new growth and the herbs have just gone berserk after nearly being eaten to death by the possum over winter. So after museli and a chai latte for breakfast, then an afternoon snack of banana, watermelon and blueberries, and a protein shake, I grabbed some mint and threw together my strawberry, bean, feta and mint salad for dinner. 


  • 375g green beans
  • 250g punnet strawberries
  • 100g feta
  • Large handful of mint
  • 2 tsp dijion mustard
  • 2 tsp wholegrain mustard
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbs red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbs olive oil

Mix the mustards, sugar, vinegar and oil in a jar. This will form the dressing.

Slice the strawberries and chop the mint. 

Quickly blanch the beans in boiling water for 30 seconds and rinse with cold water. 

Throw the strawberry, mint, feta and dressing on top of the beans and serve. 

This quantity will be enough for two meals or four sides. Or one large meal for me, and a large side for Ken, who’s salad was accompanied by a couple of rissoles. 

This is so filling, I’m absolutely stuffed. That’s why it’s one of my favourite staple salads. 

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